We have gathered here the questions asked by people interested in taking aikido classes. If your question doesn't appear below, perhaps our beginners' guide will answer it. Otherwise don't hesitate to write us (info@aikidodelamontagne.com)

  1. Who can practice Aikido?
    Aikido is for all, i.e. men, women and children. Aikido does not require strength. Practitioners of different level and different size may practice together. Aikido is not competitive but classes are nevertheless quite demanding and provide an excellent workout.

  1. What should I wear?
    The aikido uniform is the same as in Judo provided that it is white with no distinctive mark. You can buy a uniform in any martial arts store or at our dojo (see our rates). Only black belt students wear the hakama (dark large Japanese ceremonial pants).

  1. Can I practice Aikido if I am out of shape or if I've been seriously injured in the past?
    If you have been seriously injured in the past (especially if the motor system was involved) consult a physician before starting Aikido lessons. If you are fit to practice another physical activity, you are probably fit to practice aikido as well. There is no competition in Aikido and there will be no urge to train harder than you elect to nor to risk an injury.

  1. When can I register?
    You can register whenever you want. Our beginners' classes are not structured in semesters starting at fixed dates. Rather, they are classes attended by students of all ranks but during which basic techniques are taught with explanations targeted to beginning students.

  1. Can registration be paid for in multiple payments? What mode of payment do you accept?
    Dues must be paid in one single payment. We accept cash and personal checks but no credit cards.

  1. Is it possible to watch a class? Can I try a class before registering?
    We do not offer trial classes. However, you can come and watch as many classes as you like before enrolling. Simply come to the dojo, take off your shoes and sit down at the seats placed especially for that purpose.

  1. How is the spiritual side of aikido incorporated in the practice?
    Teaching at Aikido de la Montagne stresses training of a martial art. Little philosophy is conveyed during classes although training remains faithful to the discipline and ethics favored by the Founder of Aikido. The practice of Aikido can contribute to personal development and awareness.

  1. How much time is required to obtain a black belt? How do ranks work?
    There are 5 ranks (called kyus) of white belt before reaching the black belt Shodan (first degree). At least six years of intensive training is generally required before presenting the black belt exam. Few base their Aikido practice on that sole purpose!

  1. Do aikido techniques really work?
    Aikido has developed tremendously efficient self defense techniques from jiu-jitsu and other martial arts. However aikido emphasizes avoidance of conflicts and quest for harmony. Aikidokas do not train in order to apply their technique outside the dojo.

Seminars and related FAQ

Please don't hesitate to write us if you do not find answers to your question. In addition it may be wise to check for last minute changes.  (info@aikidodelamontagne.com)

1. Can you recommend a nearby hotel?

The following two hotels are close to the dojo.

Quality Inn

3340 Avenue du Parc



110$ + tax

Hotel Hilton Garden Inn

380 Sherbrooke street West


King size bed 189$ + tax

Two Queen size beds 199$ + tax

2. Could I stay with one of your members?

It is usually possible to stay with our members but we cannot guarantee space. Write us if you need a place to stay. When you register, make sure you inform the person at the desk that you need lodging even if you wrote us in advance.


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